Being diagnosed with thyroid cancer is often a time of both fear and confusion as patients struggle to understand the scope of their disease and their chances for recovery. At the Thyroid Surgery Center of Excellence, our Beverly Hills thyroidectomy surgery team understands that patients need the best support and care they can get in their time of need. With access to latest in cutting-edge cancer treatment technology, we can provide you with the best and most effective treatments available.

Most often, a thyroidectomy will be the best option for your thyroid cancer.

What is Thyroidectomy Surgery?

Thyroid cancer involves tumors growing on and in the thyroid gland. To eliminate the cancer and prevent it from spreading, it is vital that the tumor be removed from the body. Thankfully, modern surgery and the position of the gland in the neck allow surgeons to remove the disease from the body. Modern techniques allow for surgeons to make a minor incision, most often about three centimeters, and insert an endoscope in order to view the gland and remove the tumor.

Depending on the extent of the cancer, a surgeon may choose to remove part of or the entire gland. Afterward, you may require radioactive iodine treatment, thyroid hormone therapy, or other procedures in order to ensure that the cancer does not return or spread. Combined with the help of a skilled surgeon, you can be cancer free and healthy for years to come.

Finding the Right Beverly Hills Thyroidectomy Surgery Center

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