Many thyroid problems are being diagnosed in the early stages thanks to the availability of a variety of diagnosis techniques. Depending on your particular case, your doctor may use one of the following means of diagnosing your particular condition:


thyroidectomy surgical center los angelesPhysical Examination

Some thyroid problems will cause the neck gland to grow or to produce nodules that can be felt by a doctor during a physical examination of the neck. Once the doctor feels something suspicious, further testing is usually required to confirm.

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Fine Needle Biopsy

A fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy is performed when the presence of a nodule or nodules has been confirmed by imaging tests. The fine needle biopsy is used to determine whether or not a nodule is cancerous and if further treatment is needed.

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Thyroid ultrasound is an easy, noninvasive procedure in which sound waves are used to produce a picture of your neck gland. Ultrasound is an effective way for doctors to see abnormalities on the neck glands and diagnose common problems.

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CT Scan

A CT scan takes detailed x-rays of the neck gland and can be helpful in diagnosing large nodules, goiter, and potential cancer. Not typically the preferred test for diagnosing conditions, it is more commonly used to see if thyroid cancer has spread to other parts of the body.

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Thyroid Scan

A thyroid scan is a specialized imaging test that is typically used to monitor the progression of neck gland cancer or to see what is causing an overactive neck gland. A scan involves the use of a radioactive iodine tracer to allow the doctor to get a visual of how the organ is functioning.

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