ThyCA Logo Los AngelesAt the Thyroid Surgery Center of Excellence in Los Angeles, we strive to bring our patients the best, most advanced thyroid care available. We also want to help support thyroid research, community education, and thyroid nodules and cancer awareness. That’s why we support ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, Inc, a non-profit organization founded by cancer survivors and their families.

Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association

ThyCa was created in 1995 as a means of connecting thyroid cancer survivors, their families, and medical professionals around the globe. This network of survivors and healthcare professionals focuses on four main goals:

  • To educate
  • To participate
  • To communicate
  • To support research

By educating the community, participating in thyroid nodules research and awareness, communicating with healthcare professionals, and supporting thyroid nodules research, ThyCa strives to bring an end to thyroid nodules and cancer.

Thyroid Cancer Support Groups

An important part of what ThyCa does is set up support groups for survivors around the world. These support groups are open to any survivors and their family members who wish to share experiences and insights with others. To find a support group in your area, visit

How to Help

Here at our surgical center, we share the goals of ThyCa and want to do our part to support the continued research of thyroid nodules , as well as the support they provide to patients worldwide. To learn more about our humanitarian efforts or how you can get involved, contact the Thyroid Surgery Center of Excellence at (888) 817-1439.

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