At the Thyroid Surgery Center of Excellence in Los Angeles, our skilled medical team strives to provide the best thyroid cancer procedure for each patient we see. By using the latest in modern medical advances and combining state-of-the-art technology with expertise that comes from years of experience, our surgeons have helped countless patients conquer their cancer and lead a long,healthy life.

What Thyroid Cancer Procedures are Possible?

Because of continued advancements in medical technology and treatments, many thyroid cancer patients are able to successfully fight their disease. Radioactive iodine treatment, target therapy, external beam radiation therapy, and thyroid hormone therapy are just some of the options available to prevent the spread of thyroid cancer and send it into remission.

Another common option for treating thyroid cancer is a type of surgery called thyroidectomy. During a thyroidectomy, surgeons will make an incision in order to view the thyroid gland through an endoscope and determine what should be done with the cancerous tumors present. Depending on the size of the tumor, the surgeon will decide to remove either part of the gland or the entire gland during this thyroid cancer procedure.

Get in Touch with Skilled Thyroid Cancer Surgeons

Defeating your thyroid cancer is not just a matter of beginning as soon as possible; it’s a matter of choosing the best medical team. At the Thyroid Surgery Center of Excellence, our thyroid cancer procedure experts are ready to devote their years of success and experience to your unique needs. By calling 888.317.1439 or contacting us online, you can schedule an appointment and begin receiving top-of-the-line care in as little time as possible. Don’t wait. Reach out to the Thyroid Surgery Center of Excellence today.

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