Are you suffering from thyroid cancer symptoms? Have you been diagnosed with the disease? If so, then choosing the right course of treatment is essential. At the Thyroid Surgery Center of Ex-cellence in Los Angeles, our skilled medical team is devoted to helping you understand the treatment options available and make the best possible choice.

Understanding the Benefits of Thyroid Cancer Surgical Procedures

Thyroid cancer surgery, also known as a thyroidectomy, is often the best treatment for this type of cancer. Unlike many other types of cancer, thyroid cancer can be surgically removed. This is because of its placement in the body. During the a typhoid cancer surgical procedure, a surgeon will determine whether a portion or the entirety of the thyroid gland should be removed.

While treatments such as radioactive iodine or thyroid hormone suppression therapy will help ensure that any remaining cancer goes into remission and does not spread, surgery is the best way to combat thyroid cancer. At the Thyroid Surgery Center of Excellence, our surgeons will work toward removing every ounce of cancer possible while using modern techniques to make the surgery as minimally invasive as possible. With most minimally invasive thyroidectomies, a 3 centimeter incision is required. This helps to reduce damage to the surrounding tis-sue and speed up recovery time.

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