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What is the Thyroid?

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped, roughly 2-inch gland located at the base of the neck. This neck gland produces hormones that are integral to the proper functioning of nearly every metabolic process of the body. Here at our surgical center, we make your neck gland health a priority.

Role of the Thyroid

When your neck glands are functioning properly, you don’t even know it is there. The 2-inch neck gland secretes hormones, called thyroid hormones, which regulate several important body processes. Our metabolism, growth and development, as well as body temperature are all affected, and in a sense, controlled by the normal functioning of the gland.

Because of this neck gland’s role in such crucial body functions, one that is not functioning properly often leads to physical symptoms. These symptoms, however, do vary from patient to patient, and can often be mistakenly attributed to other conditions, making it important to speak to a physician if you suspect your neck glands are not working properly.


There are several different conditions that could affect neck gland function. From producing too much or too little hormone, to tumors, goiters, antibodies, and even cancer, the expert surgeons here at our surgical center in Los Angeles work with patients suffering from all types of neck gland disorders and can create a treatment plan that is best for you.

Some of the most common conditions include but are not limited to the following:

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Our experienced doctors at the Thyroid Surgery Center of Excellence in Los Angeles understand that you probably have a great deal of questions and concerns relating to your condition. Listed below are some frequently asked questions that our physicians often hear:

Q: How can I tell if my thyroid is functioning properly?

A: While some patients will experience physical symptoms of a dysfunctional thyroid, not all will. There are several blood tests your doctor can perform to asses your -related health. Your physician will test your Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) level, which lets your doctor know if your brain is secreting the right amount of TSH to regulate your thyroid. Other blood tests that your doctor may perform include T3 and T4 level checks, and a test to check for the presence of thyroid antibodies that would indicate autoimmune thyroid-related disease.

Q: What if my thyroid levels are not normal?

A: If your blood work indicates that your neck gland is not functioning properly or that thyroid antibodies are present, your doctor, most likely an endocrinologist, may want to do an ultrasound to check for abnormalities on your neck glands.

Q: What are the odds of thyroid-related cancer?

A: The American Cancer Society estimates that about 60,000 new cases of thyroid cancer will be reported in the U.S. in 2013. It is rare for this cancer to appear in children, and it typically presents in adults under the age of 55. While the prevalence of this cancer has been increasing over the years, it has a very high survival rate when detected early.

Q: Is this surgery painful?

A: When performed by a board-certified expert surgeon at our surgical center in Los Angeles, neck gland surgery is a minimally invasive procedure done on an outpatient basis. Our surgeons use only the most cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your surgery is as safe and painless as possible. While every surgery includes some discomfort and risk, our Center of Excellence boasts a very high patient satisfaction rate.

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