For countless people across the nation, undergoing a thyroidectomy surgery procedure is the key to conquering cancer. At the Thyroid Surgery Center of Excellence in Los Angeles, we understand how intimidating this procedure can seem, especially in combination with a frightening cancer diagnosis. But with years of success under our belts, we know the difference the right treatment can make for a person coping with thyroid cancer.

How Can a Thyroidectomy Surgery Help You?

There are many types of thyroid cancer treatments possible. Radioactive iodine treatment, hormone therapy, and more can all help send cancer into remission and prevent its spread. However, thyroidectomy surgery is the most successful way to eliminate thyroid cancer and prevent its spread. During this procedure, either part of or all of the thyroid gland is excised by a surgeon, depending on the size of the tumor.

While removing the thyroid gland may seem intimidating to many, it is typically the best way to prevent the cancer from becoming fatal. Thanks to modern advancements, most thyroidectomy procedures are minimally invasive and require a much smaller incision than that of a traditional thyroidectomy. With so little tissue damage, recovery from a minimally invasive thyroidectomy can be quick and complete. In addition, continued treatments will help to prevent any hormone imbalances that may result from the surgery.

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